Friday 31 March 2023

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Friday 31 March 2023

automatic translation

Rockwell acquires ASEM spa

ASEM, a manufacturer of digital automation technologies, joins Rockwell Automation through an acquisition

ASEM spa is an Italian company that boasts an important presence in sector of digital automation technologies and its brand has always stood for quality.

In particular, the company supplies industrial PCs, hardware, software for human-machine interfaces, industrial getaway solutions for IoT and remote access technologies.

All of its products enable companies to guarantee safety in the workplace and increase productivity by integrating smart devices, control platforms and design software into a single network.

Rockwell acquires ASEM

For Rockwell Automation a strategic acquisition to increase Control and Visualization solutions

 Rockwell Automation this acquisition is strategic as it allows the Milwaukee company to expand the portfolio of technologies and have new possibilities in the field of integrated automation for customers. 

Indeed, i ASEM products represent one more for Rockwell customers solution with a high degree of configurability with regard to their industrial computerization needs.

The two companies are complementary in terms of products / systems and for this reason the acquisition is also advantageous for ASEM spa which is thus able to grow rapidly through the Rockwell global network. 

At the same time, the Italian company will continue to supply its customers without any kind of discontinuity, maintaining its staff and sales network.

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