Saturday 5 December 2020

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Thermocouples and resistance thermometers: everything you need to know

The temperature in industry is a fundamental aspect of the entire production process, also because it measures various efficiency factors (energy consumption, optimization, duration…).

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In the case of complex systems then several are needed temperature monitoring and control equipmentSENECA has therefore developed a whole line of tools suitable for the task, including thermocouples and resistance thermometers (no, they are not the same).

Further differences between thermocouples and differences can be found by continuing to read the SENECA blog!

Resistance thermometers and thermocouples: characteristics of temperature sensors

Le thermocouples they are mainly used in the sector Oil & Gas, between refineries and chemical industries and foundries. This is because they are a lot economic e adaptable to different needs, always remaining robust and fast.

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They are very popular precisely because they are cheap and easy to replace, since they are often "standard" products but have the problem of accuracy, since it is not possible to obtain errors less than one degree centigrade.

Typically, thermocouples are produced with various types of metals, including Nickel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum… But, generally, those capable of predicting the voltages caused by the thermocouples and are preferred withstand major temperature variations.

Le thermoresistances, on the other hand, they are more suited to sectors such as Food & Beverage and Pharma, given thehigh sensitivity, stability and their accuracy. In this case, these are transducers that use the variation of the resistivity of metals with respect to temperature.

Among the materials to make them, the Platinum it is the best because it guarantees greater precision and duration over time.

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